Legal Issues Can Have A Huge Effect On Your Future

A conflict with the law can lead to big consequences for you and your loved ones. Whether your issue is big or small, you need a lawyer who will defend you as vigorously as possible and work toward a favorable resolution, while standing by your side and guiding you through the process. That is what I strive to provide at my law firm.

A Compassionate, Comprehensive Approach To Legal Representation

My name is Yvette Barrett. I named my firm New Level Law Firm, PC, because I believe everyone should have Yvetteaccess to justice, and that every individual deserves a new standard of care. I am an attorney who listens to what clients want, an attorney who is a true partner to my clients. I use my more than 20 years of experience to serve my clients with needs like:

  • Drug offenses
  • Armed robbery
  • Assault and battery, including assault with intent to murder or do great bodily harm
  • Probation violations

In matters such as these, you may think court is a foregone conclusion. However, a careful and thorough lawyer may be able to manage the situation without going to court.

Contact Me Today

If you are facing legal issues, call my office today and set up a meeting. I will speak with you and offer my honest opinion as to what you may be facing, and possible roads to resolution. You can reach my Detroit office by calling 855-826-9426, or send me a message through my online form.